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Year In The Trees is the first game from one-person independent games studio Lunoland. The project began in March of 2016 and is being developed part-time.

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Year In The Trees is a "hi-bit"-style pixel art action RPG where you begin a new life in a magical forest filled with secrets. Travel deep into the heart of nature and learn to survive on your own while unearthing the strange and forgotten history of the forest.

Gather resources to craft new items by farming, trading, exploring, or fighting. Each item you make has a chance to unlock new recipes through the game's discovery system. Upgrade your cabin with the resources you collect to unlock new abilities and crafting stations.

As you expand your capabilities and wealth, you'll be able to recover powerful items and hidden lore from the most dangerous reaches of the forest. How you spend each day is up to you, but choose wisely...your time in these woods is limited.


Yo! My name's Chris Smith. Lunoland is the imprint for my one-person creative shop. I'm based in Chicago, and prior to starting work on Year In The Trees, I was probably best known as a multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer working under the moniker Luno. In addition to the music stuff, I've done various creative projects over the years spanning code, art, digital video, and design.

I've had a lot of practice in related disciplines, but since I'm doing everything on Year In The Trees, it's been the first project where I've done sound design, game design, and pixel art! Besides working on the game, I still gig around town in various bands and work full-time as a programmer/analyst.

Awards & Honors

In May of 2018, I applied to and was officially selected to participate in the Swedish games incubator Stugan. You can watch the application video here:


You can download an archive of high-res pre-alpha screenshots here. See this YouTube playlist for trailers and other videos.

You'll find the game's logo below. For the best results, use this archive of different logo sizes!

The logo for the game Year In The Trees