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Year In The Trees is the first game from one-person independent games studio Lunoland. The project began in March of 2016 and is currently being developed part-time. Although the game is still in pre-production, a private alpha demo will be available to early supporters soon.

For streamers or press looking for access to the private alpha or for any other inquiry, please email

Note that you are allowed to create and monetize broadcasts or videos that contain footage from the game - enjoy!


Year In The Trees is a pixel art survival RPG about beginning a new life in an enchanted forest filled with secrets. The game features a blend of hand-authored and procedural content so that it feels familiar each time you return, but random enough that no two character's stories are ever the same. Travel deep into the heart of nature and learn to survive on your own while unearthing the forgotten history of this place.

Gather resources to craft new items by farming, trading, exploring, or fighting. Each item you make has a chance to unlock new recipes through the game's discovery system. As you expand your capabilities and wealth, you'll be able to recover powerful items and hidden lore from the furthest reaches of the forest.

Death is permanent, but items and upgrades can be passed down to future characters. You might decide to play as a farmer this run in order to stockpile provisions for your next character.

Although there are many familiar places, the game's randomly-generated levels and items will shape your strategy in unexpected ways. Unlocking a rare armor recipe early in the game may entice you to become a blacksmith, whereas learning that a unique artifact weapon is for sale in a nearby shop might lead you to play more like a trader or merchant.

Ultimately it's up to you, but choose carefully: your time in these woods is limited. Each play-style will encounter different lore, but learning the true story of the forest could be the work of generations...


Founded in 2016, Lunoland is the imprint of Chicago-based developer Christopher Smith. Primarily known as a multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer who performs under the moniker Luno, Smith has developed a broad skill-set having finished many long-term creative projects that span music, code, art, digital video, and design.

Year In The Trees marks Smith's first major foray into game design and pixel art. Work on the prototype began in March of 2016 and has evolved rapidly since.

The game is being developed alongside Smith's full-time job. Smith is a regular participant in Indie City Games events and the Chicago games scene in general, which has been welcoming and instructive.

In May of 2017, Christopher applied to and was wait-listed for the Swedish games incubator Stugan. You can watch the application video here:

One year later in May of 2018, he applied a second time and was accepted. Once again, the application video is publicly available:


You can download an archive of high-res pre-alpha screenshots here. See this YouTube playlist for trailers and other videos.

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