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The cabin from the game Year In The Trees

Year In The Trees

Year In The Trees is an upcoming 2D survival action RPG game about self-reliance for PC and Mac. Explore a magical forest locked in time; can you survive long enough to uncover its secrets?

Early pre-alpha teaser trailer from April 2017, all content subject to change


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Journey to the abandoned cabin that was once inhabited by your ancestors, nestled deep within a strange wood whose entrance only appears once each year.

There, amidst the remains of an advanced civilization, lies the forgotten knowledge of how this place came to be. To claim it, you must to learn to live off of the land and battle dangerous creatures as you explore deep into the wilderness.

Discover peaceful forest libraries, ancient stone ruins, hidden treetop cities, and crystalline caves. Encounter lone woodsmen and witches, bandits and scoundrels, and fantastical creatures both friend and foe. Involve yourself in the goings on of your neighbors in the nearby hamlet, or with the isolationist members a strange, druidic cult. But be wary; those who stay too long are forever changed. How will you spend your year?

Pixel art tree life cycle


Farm, fish, forage, or fight? Specialize in the survival skills that suit your play style

Gather resources to craft tools, cast magic spells, unlock new abilities, and prepare meals

Upgrade your cabin to open up new types of crafting, gardening, supply stockpiling, and more!

Each run offers a mix of familiar, hand-authored content and procedurally-generated areas

Discover the deep mysteries of the forest and its denizens, or die trying!

Beautiful, hi-bit pixel graphics and a unique soundtrack performed by hand without MIDI

Mining in Autumn near a rock formation The crafting and recipe discovery system
Fighting a skeleton and a bear during a thunderstorm Marking a special location on the minimap
The titlescreen from the game Year In The Trees Fishing at a pond during a light rain storm
The sun setting from inside a cabin Examining your crafting recipe book