Year In The Trees
Year In The Trees is an upcoming 2D survival/action RPG about self-reliance for PC, Mac, and Linux. Explore a magical forest locked in time; can you survive long enough to uncover its secrets?

Journey to the abandoned cabin that was once inhabited by your ancestors, nestled deep within a strange wood where all four seasons happen at once. There, amidst the remains of an ancient civilization, is the forgotten knowledge of how this place came to be. To claim it, you must to learn to live off of the land and battle dangerous creatures as you explore deep into the wilderness.

+ Farm, fish, forage, or fight? Specialize in the survival skills that suit your play style

+ Gather resources to craft tools, cast magic spells, unlock new abilities, and prepare meals

+ Each run offers a different mix of familiar and procedural content

+ Discover the mysteries of the forest denizens and wildlife, or die trying!

+ Beautiful, retro-modern pixel aesthetic and unique soundtrack performed by hand (no MIDI!)

The game is currently being developed solely by Luno (Christopher Smith) using Unity, and is still in the early stages. If you're interested, please sign up for the mailing list below to get occasional game announcements sent to your inbox.